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American Trade Politics, 4th Edition
Book Data
June 2005
ISBN Paper 0-88132-382-9 | 978-0-88132-382-5
390 pp.

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American Trade Politics, 4th edition

by I. M. Destler

"If I were the trade czar, I would want Destler as coach, guide, historian, analyst and interpreter."

Bill Frenzel, US House of Representatives (R-MN, 1971-1991)

" . . . remains the best single volume treat- ment of the subject that there is. A classic."

Stephan Haggard, University of California, San Diego

"This is the essential text for any student of international political economy or international economics."


"Destler deftly weaves the ins and outs of Washington politics together with the strategic thrust and tactical maneuvers of successive presidents in dealing with the complexities of foreign trade."

Foreign Affairs


In this comprehensive revision of the most influential, widely read analysis of the US trade policymaking system, Destler addresses how globalization has reshaped trade politics, weakening traditional protectionism but intensifying concern about trade's societal impacts. Entirely new chapters treat the deepening of partisan divisions and the rise of "trade and . . ." issues (especially labor and the environment). The author concludes with a comprehensive economic and political strategy to cope with globalization and maximize its benefits. The original edition of American Trade Politics won the Gladys Kammerer Award of the American Political Science Association for the best book on US national policy.

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A Note on the Underlying Data on Trade Cases

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Preface and Author's Note [pdf]

I   Origin: 1934–70

1. The Root Problem: Political Imbalance [pdf]

2. The 1934 System: Protection for Congress

II  Erosion and Adaptation: 1971–94

3. A Tougher World: Changes in the Context of Trade Policy

4. A Less Protected Congress

5. An Embattled Executive [pdf]

6. Changing the Rules: The Rise of Administrative Trade Remedies

7. The National Arena: New Dimensions of Conflict

8. Triumph! NAFTA and the WTO

III   Polarization: 1995–

9.   The Decline of Traditional Protectionism

10. New Issues, New Stalemate [pdf]

11. Partisan Rancor and Trade Politics in the New Century

12. Conclusion: Making America Fit for Globalization [pdf]

Appendix A
Trade Promotion Authority in 2001: The Bargain that Wasn't



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