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World Trading System: Challenges Ahead
Book Data
December 1996
ISBN paper 0-88132-235-0
352 pp.
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The World Trading System: Challenges Ahead

edited by Jeffrey J. Schott


Trade experts from around the world discuss challenges confronting the World Trade Organization (WTO) as it charts its course for the years ahead. The authors offer recommendations to deal with important issues such as investment, competition and antidumping policy, environment and trade, labor standards, and Chinese accession to the WTO. Analysis of the implementation of the Uruguay Round accords, the breadth and scope of remaining barriers to trade that could be the subject of new liberalization efforts, the compatibility or inconsistency of regional and multilateral initiatives, and the political support in major trading countries for new WTO negotiations are also discussed. The overview and conclusions also appear in a separate monograph by Jeffrey J. Schott.

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I. Introduction

1. Challenges Facing the World Trade Organization 285.6KB

II. Revisiting Residual Protection Rules on Regionalism

2. Surveying the Costs of Protection: A Partial Equilibrium Approach 254.0KB

3. Regionalism and the WTO: Should the Rules Be Changed? 281.0KB

III. Environment and Social Issues

4. Greening World Trade 270.9KB

5. International Labor Standards and World Trade: Friends or Foes? 324.6KB

IV. Political Support for Trade Liberalization

6. American Trade Politics in the Wake of the Uruguay Round 223.1KB

7. The Dog That Failed to Bark: The Climate for Trade Policy in the European Union 262.1KB

8. Political Economy of Trade Liberalization in East Asia 216.5KB

V. WTO Institutional Issues

9. The WTO Dispute Settlement Procedures: A Preliminary Appraisal 231.4KB

10. Accession to the WTO: Key Strategic Issues 261.2KB

VI. Unfinished Business and New Challenges

11. Advancing Services Negotiations 254.0KB

12. Direct Investment and the Future Agenda of the World Trade Organization 254.4KB

13. Competition Policy and Antidumping Reform: An Excercise in Transition 393.8KB

VII. Global Free Trade

14. Globalizing Free Trade 237.3KB

VIII. Conclusions

15. Setting the Course 313.6KB

Appendix 260.3KB



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