A mural of the United States flag covers the side of a business, in Lansing, Michigan. Photographed on Friday, June 26, 2020. USA TODAY NETWORK via Reuters Connect/Nick King
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USA TODAY NETWORK via Reuters Connect/Nick King

Adam S. Posen (PIIE)
via Foreign Affairs

The conventional wisdom that the United States has recklessly pursued international economic openness at the expense of workers is profoundly misguided, according to PIIE President Adam S. Posen in a newly published article in Foreign Affairs. The data show that successive US administrations have spent the last two decades trying to insulate the American economy from globalization only to privilege the few in traditional manufacturing jobs while neglecting most low-income Americans. View the discussion with Posen on his recommendations for the best way forward on April 22 at 1pm ET.

The Peterson Institute for International Economics building is closed to staff and visitors until further notice. PIIE personnel are working remotely, with access to telephone messages.

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USA TODAY NETWORK via Reuters Connect/Nick King