Korea Events Galore!

Stephan Haggard (PIIE) and Kent Boydston (PIIE)
May 30, 2015 7:00 AM

We can’t cover all of the Korea-related events out there, but a few of particular (and personal) interest caught our eye. Since we work with open source materials, we were interested to see that on June 3 the U.S.-Korea Institute in Washington, DC is sponsoring an event with three of our favorite analysts on the subject: Joseph S. Bermudez Jr. (AllSource Analysis), Michael Madden (North Korea Leadership Watch), and Curtis Melvin (U.S.-Korea Institute and North Korea Economy Watch).

Also on June 3, down the street at CSIS, Victor Cha is organizing a major gathering with top policymakers considering the future of the U.S.-ROK alliance in the run-up to President Park’s visit to Washington next month.

Finally, for anyone out in the provinces—i.e. San Diego—Steph Haggard, Susan Shirk and Mark Fitzpatrick will talk about the prospects (or lack thereof) for negotiating denuclearization with Iran and North Korea on June 2.



Hi ? you are doing good jobs,many thanks, I think,the top priority shall be given, how to co-exist peacely, not any more war in the Korean PENINSULA, TAKE CARE.

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