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Jacob Funk Kirkegaard explores the increasingly dysfunctional state of present US high-skilled immigration laws and recommends a coherent set of immediate reforms, which should aim to facilitate continuously high and increasingly economically necessary levels of high-skilled immigration to the United States. In recent decades American skill levels have stagnated and struggled to make the global top 10. As baby boomers retire, the United States risks losing these skills altogether. In response, the United States should address high-skilled immigration in its broader foreign economic policies in an attempt to remain a global leader in the face of accelerating global economic integration.

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If you are interested in the prospects for American competitiveness and continued economic leadership, Jacob's study is mandatory reading.

Clive Crook, The Atlantic


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1. High-Skilled Workers: Stagnating in the United States, Rising Fast in Other Countries?

2. Current US High-Skilled Immigration System

3. Welfare Trade-Off, US Software Workers, and Immigration Quotas

4. A Reform Package

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