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This study assesses the US-Morocco free trade agreement (FTA) and identifies shortcomings in the implementation of the US-Morocco FTA, provide policy recommendations for better leveraging the FTA, and suggest ways for Morocco to take better advantage of its cooperation agreements with the European Union. The study consists of four components. First, the study uses statistical and modeling work to compare the experience of the US-Morocco FTA with the experiences of US FTAs with Chile and Jordan. Second, the study provides a qualitative analysis of the US FTAs with Chile and Jordan to suggest best practices for Morocco to get the most out of its FTA with the United States. Third, the study looks at Morocco's trade agreements with the European Union in order to further guide the implementation of the US-Morocco FTA in light of the successes and failures of EU-Morocco trade relations. Fourth, the study identifies shortcomings in the implementation of the US-Morocco FTA and in EU agreements with Morocco, with a focus on agriculture, textiles, services, and intellectual property. Finally, the study provides recommendations on reforms the Moroccan government could implement in order to take greater advantage of the US FTA and EU agreements, both at the border and behind the border, and considers areas of the US FTA that could benefit from renegotiation, as well as the direction new provisions should take.

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1. Overview
Claire Brunel

2. Morocco's Economic Performance under the FTA
Dean A. DeRosa

3. Agriculture: A First Evaluation with No Surprises
Omar Aloui

4. Moroccan Textile and Apparel Exports: An Evaluation
Hassan Benabderrazik

5. Services Sector
Hassan Benabderrazik

6. Aviation
Jawad Rachami

7. Intellectual Property Rights
Omar Aloui

8. Lessons from the Jordan-US FTA
Riad al Khouri

9. Chile-US Free Trade Agreement: A Model to Follow?
Barbara Kotschwar

10. Morocco-EU Trade Relations
Claire Brunel

11. Conclusion and Recommendations
Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Claire Brunel


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