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These case studies in multilateral trade policymaking and dispute settlement explore the changing substance of trade agreements and also delve into the negotiation process—the who, how, and why of decisionmaking. They allow the reader to see how trade policy actually works and are an ideal way to bring the reality of trade policy into the classroom. The books present a coherent description of the facts that will allow for discussion and independent conclusions about policies, politics, and processes. Volume 1 presents five cases on trade negotiations that have had important effects on trade policy rulemaking, as well as an analytic framework for evaluating these negotiations and introductions to the policy issues each case is concerned with. Volume 2 presents six case studies on key trade disputes at the WTO as well as an introductory essay dealing with dispute resolution in the trading system.

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Editorial Reviews

This is a fine collection for all students of foreign trade and international cooperation in practice.

Foreign Affairs

. . . outstanding contributions that provide a magnificent depth of understanding of how US trade policies and related initiatives are designed, negotiated, and implemented.

Journal of Economic Literature

This is an outstanding work by a team of three extraordinary scholars. It is a set that will please any student of international trade negotiation.

The Negotiator Magazine

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