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This is a revised edition of the classic book on this subject. It chronicles and examines 170 cases of economic sanctions imposed since World War I. Fifty of these cases were launched in the 1990s and are new to this edition. Special attention is paid to new developments arising from the end of the Cold War and increasing globalization of the world economy. Analyzing a range of economic and political factors that can influence the success of a sanctions episode, the authors distill a set of commandments to guide policymakers in the effective use of sanctions. This study is published in two parts: Economic Sanctions Reconsidered, summarizing the analysis and outlining the policy recommendations and Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: Case Histories, a supplemental CD-ROM containing the case studies.

Selected case studies are available online.

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1. Introduction

2. Analyzing the Utility of Sanctions

3. Political Variables

4. Economic Variables

5. Sanctions after the Cold War

6. Conclusions and Policy Recommendations

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C


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